Bonsai Nursery

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419 Pajaro Lane, Nipomo, CA
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A Central Coast Bonsai Destination Since 1978

The Art of Bonsai

Bonsai translated means “Tree in a Pot,” but the artform goes much deeper. The essence of bonsai is to form and shape trees as they are seen in nature. Some trees have a naturally interesting shape, while others need to be coaxed for years - even decades before reaching their final form.

We specialize in field grown trees for bonsai, but we also offer trees that have already been shaped, potted trees, and tools for bonsai.

We Offer

  • Trees for Bonsai and Landscape
  • Shaped Bonsai Trees
  • Tools for Bonsai
  • Pots and Accessories


  • Pruning
  • Consulting
  • Bonsai Restoration
  • Nursery Tours